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Psychotherapy in Upstate South Carolina

A Standard of Excellence

At the Upstate Living Clinic, we believe that every client deserves our best. We are continually training ourselves in up-to-date, research validated approaches. We collaborate and support one another as a team. We get continual feedback from our clients. All this means that when you come for therapy, you’re getting the very best we have to offer.


From your very first session, our intention is to really hear you. Our clients often tell us they are relieved to finally be truly heard and understood. This deep understanding is not only satisfying, it also helps us chart the most effective course to your goals. Using insights from psychology, brain science, and our experience as therapists, we will work together to find a path forward.


Therapy is a courageous step. It means you are willing to turn and face your situation instead of avoiding it. We honor what it takes to reach out for help, and want you to complete each session with dignity and pride in the work you are doing with yourself.

Finding the right therapist can be hard. We want to make it simple.

Step 1

Call our Office

We'll talk briefly about what you are looking for, and then if we're a good fit, we'll match you with one of our professional therapists.

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Step 2

Come in for an introductory session.

If you feel that this therapist understands you and has the ability to help, you can choose to make another appointment. If it's not the right fit for you, no problem! Go back to step one and start the process over.

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No matter who you are, you can expect to find Respect, Understanding, and Excellence every time you visit.

What our clients say

We want to acknowledge once again that your role in our lives has been the cornerstone for where we stand today as deeply committed and, wildly in love couple. Now, we know this is subject to fluctuating emotions and circumstances but we truly believe that, because of our work with you, we can weather it all together and come out better on the other side.

You're wonderful and have been extremely helpful!

Thank you again for all you have done. You are gifted and blessed.

I don't know if you realize just how much of a miracle it is that we are both there and that my husband is relaxed enough to interact. And I feel like I have direction now. Before, I was sort of overwhelmed by information and sorting through it... Thanks!

People We Often Serve Include:

Physicians and Nurses



New Parents

Small Business Owners


Members of Marginalized Communities