Our Story

We officially opened the doors for the Upstate Living Clinic in 2020, but the idea was born one evening in January 2019. My wife and I were watching a documentary about the Mayo Clinic, and how they became such a trusted name in medicine.

At the time, I had already developed a successful private practice, using Emotionally-Focused approaches for individuals and couples. I had seen how emotion-based therapy, being more holistic, was creating positive and long-lasting outcomes. It was quite gratifying to see my clients improve, but my dream was for everyone who seeks out therapy to have access to high-quality, holistic, and effective treatment. After learning about the Mayo Clinic, the vision for the Upstate Living Clinic was born.

I identified four primary elements from the Mayo Clinic that would create a foundation for the ULC:

  1. Collaboration. Therapists spend time together, learning from and supporting one another to do our best work.
  2. Invest in training. The ULC invests in every therapist to help them get the best training possible.
  3. Track results. We don’t assume that we know what’s helping; we ask. Every therapist tracks outcomes to make sure therapy is working.
  4. Always consider what will be in the best interest of the client’s health. At the ULC, we don’t just “do therapy.” We start by looking at the needs of each client, and consider what will help them achieve their goals.

Our intention is to be a place where you can find RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING, and EXCELLENCE in care. Every person, every time.

_ Andy Johnston, MDiv MA LPC